We are always in the process of improving our sourcing and production process so we can be 100% sure of the ethical origins of our products and have complete supply chain transparency.

At this time we can guarantee that a fair and liveable wage is paid to all those who are involved in the construction of our garments, from the design, through sample making, manufacturing, and all the way up to the point where you, our customer,  gets your order delivered. The majority of our range is made in New Zealand, the one exception is the Justice Denim that is made in Australia.

We believe in complete transparency and at this time are still in the process of working on improving the fabric sourcing component of our business. We want to ensure not only a good working environment for those who are involved in the production of our garments but also the environmental impacts of our business and fabric is a big part of this.

JUNE 2020 UPDATE: We are now using Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Recycled Wool and Polyester made from recycled plastic. We'll continue to update this page as we introduce new fabrics.

This is not a one time action, it's an ongoing investment of effort to not just choose "the easy and cheaper option" that is currently the standard in the fashion industry. This is a challenging endeavor, especially for a small business, however, it is important to us and this will continue to be a focus until we feel that we have achieved our goal of a completely ethical and sustainable production process. 

We appreciate your support and encourage your questions & input. If you would like further information on specific garments or have thoughts or feedback you would like to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@issueclothing.com