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If you're interested in creating your own capsule wardrobe you've probably started to research online and found there are many resources & ways to build your capsule; start with colours, design your "personal style", clean out your closet, choose 30 pieces or 35 pieces? etc. etc. Although these are helpful research tools, we here at Issue Clothing Co believe it is the approach you take to the foundation of the wardrobe that makes the process of shopping, and dressing much easier. The foundation of your capsule should be key "Essentials" that you can combine in numerous ways giving you a fresh new look each day, easy.

What do we mean by foundation? 

You know those black pants that you thrashed because they go with everything and fit you right? The blazer that you layer over everything? Your favorite "go-to" dress that always get compliments? THOSE are foundation pieces. First and foremost, they fit you well (so you enjoy wearing them & are comfortable) they also have to be versatile. Ideally, they wear well, you can dress them up or down, you know you won't have outfit regrets when you wear them. Those are the common qualities of good foundational wardrobe pieces. If you struggle to put together an outfit in the morning it is likely due to a lack of these types of pieces in your wardrobe.

Here at Issue Clothing our goal is to take the effort out of dressing, styling, shopping -- it's about being easy for you! If you're busy (and/or hate shopping) but you still need to look & feel good then we can help. 

Let's take a couple of key pieces from our Essentials Collection: a blazer, a pair of black pants, a shirt and a skirt. By adding these pieces to your wardrobe you'll be able to make up the following outfits:

1. Blazer, shirt, pants

2. Blazer, shirt, skirt

Not crazy, right?...  Not very impressive, BUT when you add some of your other closet staples: fav shirt, simple tee, jeans. Now you have all of the above plus:

1. Blazer, tee, pants

2. Blazer, tee, skirt

3. Blazer, fav shirt, pants

4. Blazer, fav shirt, skirt

5. Blazer, tee, jeans

6. Blazer, fav shirt, and jeans

7. Blazer, shirt, jeans


That's 9 total outfits with 7 items of clothing. 

That's a very basic example but just goes to show the value of a strong wardrobe foundation. Versatile pieces are going to make this possible. When almost every item in your wardrobe coordinates easily, it makes getting ready in the morning a total breeze. 

If you're struggling in the wardrobe department then try adding a couple of these key pieces. If you're starting from scratch then consider building your own capsule (more info here) and if you need more help with this, then check out our Capsule Concierge Service, where we help build you a custom capsule based on your specific needs.