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Wondering how you're going to make it through the next month? Looking to avoid a physical and financial hangover in January? We're with you! The holidays don't have to be full of regret if you follow these simple rules...

1. Avoid "pressure spending" situations

Waiting until the last minute is a great example of a "pressure spending" situation. Don't get into these and you'll avoid a lot of accidental overspending! Do as Santa says and MAKE A LIST -- this will save you many headaches and overspending. Don't feel like you have to "keep up" with others expectations when it comes to gifts. It's not about the money, it's about the thought. Be creative instead of cliche and you'll save money + get a better response from the gift-receiver.

2. Plan your drink limit

There are many events to get to, some you may want to get extra "jolly" and others you attend out of duty. Choose which ones you're going to indulge and for the others, give yourself a limit. Even better, if you know it's a particularly rowdy crowd, show up late and skip a round or two. This will both save you some money AND the hangover.

3. Avoid holiday "outfits"

These are a big minimalist no-no. Don't feel the need for a new dress "just because" if you have something you can re-wear then do it! Same goes for "holiday pajamas" while they make cute photos, they're just another thing that can be cut from the long list of purchases at this time of year.

4. Chew slowly & enjoy

Don't worry too much about the diet. This is a time to indulge -- at least a little! Don't rush it and enjoy every bite. You might find you actually don't overdo it as much. Most of all, avoid mindless eating it's very easy to do but if you can avoid it then you'll feel much better in January.

5. Focus on what IS important

Whether you're big into gifting or not, the most important thing is to know what is important. If you must splash out then choose to do it on the things you love, for example; if you're a foodie then enjoy and indulge. If you're big into gifting then spend time on that. But most of all enjoy the time off with family and friends. If you're stressing about presents and what to feed guests, then you're missing the point. Remember: no one is judging you, they're thinking about themselves -- so that means you can RELAX!

Thank you for another wonderful year! We are looking forward to a relaxing break ourselves and wish you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday break! 

NOTE: We will be closing our office from Dec 20th until Jan 5th so all orders placed in that time will be fulfilled January 6th. 


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