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As many of you know we're a small business with big dreams. We are constantly looking for ways to improve so we can serve you, our customers, better. We have been up and running for 18 months and while this isn't long we have learnt a lot! We want to keep you all informed because ultimately we are changing for you. We want Issue Clothing Co to be your go-to for Work Wear and Wardrobe Essentials that you'll love and wear for years. We want you to feel great when you wear Issue, and know that we're here to help you build your perfect Capsule Wardrobe. We're not going to push you into something that doesn't suit. We aren't into "fast fashion" and we don't have time to fuss about. We believe it shouldn't take hours to get ready in the morning and that a well crafted wardrobe can be life changing. It should be possible, even for those who aren't huge fans of shopping in the traditional way. We want to make it easy, fun and we want to do the right thing by you. 

As a result, in 2018 you'll see us make a few new changes. We wanted to let you know about them so there is no confusion! So, here we go...

1. We're Simplifying our Seasonal Collections

We launched with the idea of a 5-piece capsule wardrobe each season but, as we work through developing new product we have found our customers aren't looking to update their seasonal pieces quite that frequently. To better align with our values we have decided to reduce this to 2 5 piece capsules each year. This will allow us to better serve you and offer other variations that have been asked for -- such as different colour options! This will also allow for more customisation options so you can build your capsule wardrobe foundation here at Issue.

We will be releasing our Autumn and Winter Capsules together (10 pieces) in 2018 but instead of a Spring and a Summer capsule, we will release a combined Spring/Summer 5 piece Capsule in September. 

2. We're Improving Our Essentials 

We have had an overwhelming response to our "Essentials Collection" -- this is your go to for those investment pieces that you know you'll be wearing for years. Think black pants, blazer, crisp white shirt. It wasn't in the original business plan but with this response we are now going to focus on releasing additional Essentials pieces throughout the year which will complement our two seasonal releases. These are styles we know you don't always need but when you do they can be really hard to find, so we're curating this collection to be our "proven" styles. You may sometimes see pieces from previous capsules included in this collection -- this is because they are strong, solid investment pieces as chosen by you, our customers. 

 3. We're Here to Help

We get a lot of questions about sizing, styles and custom capsules. We are so excited that you're asking and really building a wardrobe that's best for you! We want to be able to assist as best we can so we've launched our "Capsule Concierge Service." So, if you're stuck and need help, think of this as your Online Capsule Wardrobe Stylist! It's a completely free service where you work with one of our Stylists to build the perfect capsule for your body, lifestyle and budget. All you need to do is complete the short online form and we'll respond within 24 hours with our recommendation and a custom capsule prepared just for you! Whether you're interested in just a couple of pieces, say for an upcoming interview,  looking to start from scratch, or anything in between. Sound good? Get started here.


We hope you're as excited as we are about all that 2018 has in store. Please continue to share your feedback via email to: -- we always love to hear from you!