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No matter how you feel about your job, heading back to work after the holidays is always a challenge. We want to help you start 2019 strong! So, we've put together a list of creative ways some people approach this time of the year. Have a read and see if there's something that could help your January go just a little bit smoother... It can be as simple as setting a positive intention, or as ambitious as an entirely new morning routine. Don't try and do it all, just pick one thing that might work for your life. 

1. Don't try and do everything at once.

Be realistic about what you can get done in the first week or two back. Set some contingency timing so you can keep your cool and still move ahead on important projects and goals.

2. Clean out your inbox and prioritise

Set some time to "catch up" -- some people come back a day early just so they can get caught up before they are officially back. It's a good way to take control of your schedule and not get bombarded.

3. Use lists and calendars wisely

Don't try and keep it all in your head. Once you've had a break from routine you might find you forget things, or are a little too relaxed (that's a good thing!) Keep your relaxed vibe by writing things on a list and scheduling events into your calendar. That way you don't have to hold it all in your head!

4. Look after yourself!

After a break, you should come back better than ever! Rest and resetting is important. If you jump back into chaos you run the risk of undoing all that good work. So don't! Take care of yourself with good hydration, sleep, food and exercise. This will help to keep you balanced and maintaining that holiday glow much longer.

5. Be smart about your downtime & weekends

Don't use all your downtime and weekends to catch up on work. It'll be there on Monday. Remember that it's all about working smarter, and more hours doesn't always mean better outcomes.  

Consider keeping one or more of these in mind as you work your way through the early days back!