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Having confidence is a really important aspect in life. Whether you have an upcoming interview, performance review, new client meeting, speaking to a crowd, or maybe you're wanting to ask for a raise, there are many moments where it's good to have a few ideas on how to boost your confidence. Check out the tips below for a few ideas that could give you an edge.

1. Stand Tall 

Literally! Stand up tall and embrace a power pose for 2 minutes prior to one of these big moments.  Doing this will increase the chemicals that will make you feel more confident. Read more, here.

2. Dress Smart

If you look good, you'll feel even better! Self grooming and dressing well will improve your feelings of self confidence. Not sure where to start? Get a new haircut? OR, create some "power outfits" and save them for the big days. Make sure you have clothes pressed and a lint-roller on hand to tidy up after pets. 

3. Think Positive

Negative thoughts and feelings can easily leak into our day to day lives. If you're in a bad habit of thinking negatively then maybe it's time to change that. Start with some positive mantras, or better yet make time every day for some gratitude. It will improve your confience. Focusing on the good is the best way to stop thinking about the negative.

4. Know Yourself

Don't get thrown off by other people. Each person has their own way to be confident and it has to be authentic to them. Figure out what feels natural to you and go with that. Don't try to be someone else.

5. Breathe

In a moment of self doubt it's important to learn to pause & breathe. If you can do this then you can change tracks. Don't let a bad start continue in the same vein. Stop, breathe deeply and then start again.